Everything Street

Program: Sketch Up, Photoshop & Illustrator
Size: 48' x 32'

Everything Street is located in LeCube Gallery in New York City. LeCube has an iconic all-white space in Soho, which boasts 12 foot high ceilings, an open floor plan and skylight lounge, making it the perfect setting for a variety of artwork.

The Everything Street exhibition showcase six different artists from all around New York City, from back in 1980 to the present, 2016. The artwork and subjects are found to be original fine art that is bound to speak to you and capture you in it’s moment. If not, let the digital space put you in the era’s city energy and watch the photographers do their thing along with it’s beautiful captured moments.

Introduction Room: Through the evolution of cameras, street photography has lost it’s focus within the years. Nowadays, it’s easier to capture a photo without having a real meaning to it. It’s common to come across photos that have no emotion, not the greatest lighting or even finding a story behind it. Especially since everyone carries a camera on them at all times.Everything Street is a comparison of the 1980’s and the present, 2016. The 80’s were the perfect era to focus on because then, technology was barely touching them. It was new- you had the option of moving into the digital age, but film was still common.

Each two panels has the featured photographer, an about me panel and above, a screening of who they are. The display in front has the photographers camera that they use.

Main Room: The flow of the room goes from the photographers from the 80s to the present photographers. This also leads you into the History Wall and the Digital Room.

Gift Shop: As you continue to walk in, there's a gift shop to the right where you can purchase pieces and film/lenses.

Digital Room: The digital room is an oval shape theater that shows documentaries in comparison of both one wall of the 80s to the present. Each film shows the difference in hothe proess of each photogarher taking their photos and their subjects and the life of New York City.

collateral pieces