An Old Soul Branding

Program: Illustrator, Photoshop

An Old Soul is a small studio based out in Los Angeles, California where a team of women create the collections that they send to their customers. Each piece of an Old Soul begins as a spool of waxed linen string and a couple handfuls of crystals and stones. Each necklace passes through the hands of at least four women before leaving the studio– their process makes their jewelry truly "hand-crafted" and guarantees it's high quality. So my creative director and I had the pleasure of rebranding An Old Soul but these are just a few that I designed.

My creative Director, Amy Ward and I had the pleasure of rebranding An Old Soul and this is the process and logos I came up for An Old Soul. An Old Soul's logos are being refined and will soon be updated.



As a starting point we like to moodboard for our client and take them through different possible ways to express their company. Through colors, typefaces, logos and imagery that would help guide them.