Sound + Color

This was Kevin, Appa and I's first camping trip alone. Kevin and I had gone a month before, camping with my mom's side of the family but this was something new. Camping alone with the love of my life and sweet homie, Appa was something I definitely needed at the time. We had so much to celebrate and definitely needed this quality time alone to relieve some stress. Kevin had just gotten his new car, the sweet Subaru, after being loyal to his bike for the past 2 years. Appa's first camping trip, my new job and last but not least, our 4 month anniversary. 

We had gone up to Payson in the evening, which was perfect in weather as compared to Phoenix and found ourselves a clean, open (may I add in- free) camping site. We set up a tent and our fire to get cookin' for dinner, where we found ourselves under the moonlight. It was beautiful, being able to forget about everything and watching the stars and getting cozy by the fire. There's something special about that night and following day that I'll always remember. Makes me grateful for these two and the moments I was able to capture. 

Until our next trip together- see you soon, Payson.