Prickly Pear ft. Sweet Wool

Working with Prickly Pear Paper has been such a blessing, especially when it comes to taking photos of their latest popup with Sweet Wool at Barnone in Gilbert! They're the sweetest, most adorable organic spun cotton candy in town! They've got it down and it's no typical standard "carnival" cotton candy! It has flavors that you've never even thought a cotton candy could have. While it may not turn your mouth into a rainbow, the flavors they offer are: Grapefruit, Earl Gray, Blueberry, Chocolate (my favorite), Pistacchio and Sugar Cookie. I had the pleasure to photograph the pop-up and not to mention, try about 4 flavors that I can't wait to be tasting again soon.

Check out Prickly Pear's blog to learn more about this sweetness!