Prickly Pear at Phoenix Flea

Lucky enough, last Phoenix Flea during December I came across Prickly Pear Paper once again after seeing them in passing at the Instagram Meetup in their home at Barnone. That was the time, in December, that I had the opportunity to see their work up close, along with meeting the husband and wife that made this beautiful company, Lauren and Mark Johnston. Fast forward- I now have the sweet and lucky opportunity to be working closely with them! Photographing and helping them around the shop. Here, at the most recent Phoenix Flea, 3 months later in March 2018, you can catch them doing their thing! Selling all types of beautiful letterpress paper goods varying from coasters, birthday, wedding and thank you cards to art prints! If you're ever in need of a unique gift, you won't find anything else with this type of soulful imprint.