Sampha Sisay is the youngest of five siblings. The way his father tried to keep the boys busy and away from the TV- bring a piano into the family’s Morden, England home. For Sampha, the piano became a part of him. “You would show me I had something some people call a soul,” he sings on “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano.” It helped enlighten him, offering solace and purpose, commencing a spiritual journey that he’s still navigating. In Sampha’s world, the piano is one of the few things that’s always been there. 

Process comes from a deep meditative place, reflecting on his deepest losses. His father, Joe, passed away with lung cancer in 1998. His mother, Binty, died of cancer in September 2015. As her primary caregiver, Sampha focused on her well-being. But through Process, he's attempting to reconnect with his core as he copes with his despair. In the past, Sampha has played with his voice to blend with the instrument, but through Process, his voice has became the main focus. A soothing, strong, visible focal. A voice that my soul can connect with through my ear buds- the love, fear, heart-break and the passion.

Here's a live performance that Sampha did for Fader, featuring my favorite song "Plastic 100°C"- which is about Sampha dealing with his own personal health scare. He discovered a lump on his throat during tour. Despite him going to the doctors, they couldn't determine the cause of it. “Sleeping with my worries,” goes as the opener, “I didn’t really know what that lump was.”