Little Dragon

Little Dragon is as steady with their songs since they first started and I admire that about them, because it's so easy to branch out and try new things. Keep up with the latest trends in sounds, but Little Dragon has been Little Dragon since day one. I can't say that I've listened to them since day one, but heard of a few of their songs before I got competely into Nabuma Rubberband.

Little Dragon has been together since high school and it's been about 18 years since then. I think what I admire most about them is their sound, it gives a sense of familiarity. I love that the band, and Yukimi Nagano, don't fall into wanting to get big or having to brand themselves. Even with the process of collaborations, they go with the energy rather than the typical "this will expose me more."

Little Dragon is from Sweden and I think from Europe, they find beauty in melancholy. Nabuma Rubberband is that album that you listen to when you feel like reflecting on yourself, or want to revisit old memories, it's the album of escapism. I think that's why I feel like it gives a sense of familiarity. Some tracks are slower, others are more up-tempo and all together– it's Little Dragon.