Childish Gambino

Can we take a moment to appreciate Awaken, My Love!'s album artwork. This is the perfect imagery for the album. It's almost stupid how I'm even doing a blog post about this already known majestic album but regardless, I'm obsessed. Have, am, will, forever be obsessed.

This winter break, I have been bombarded with good music all around and I cannot say, I haven't been blessed enough. But my god, Childish Gambino. Although I would like to say I was there to see the transition of Gambino's work from his rap to this new funkadelic work, I can't. I listened to a few of Gambino's songs here and there but wasn't hooked- until now. I remember texting a friend and recomending this album to him and him then coming back to me being like, "yeah, it was good. I liked his old stuff better though. This is like someone completely different." ?! ?! ?! ?! ?! ?! I understand, I do. But this is his soul. In some waveform in only 11 tracks. If I could listen to an album all over again for the first time, it would be this. The choruses of earthy voices, the knotted guitar riffs, the jammy outros and intros- the shape shifting voice. The way you catch yourself grooving without the intention of doing so. The love you felt through his voice, the feeling you got from every song. Stand Tall definitely took a piece of my heart. Ugh, Gambino is a genius for this one.

Of course I had to stalk Gambino in his thoughts and his inspiration going into this album.

"I remember hearing a Funkadelic scream and being like, ‘Wow, that’s sexual and it’s scary.’ Not having a name for that, though; just having a feeling. That’s what made it great… There’s something about that ’70s black music that felt like they were trying to start a revolution."

In this midst of trying to understand what Gambino's inspiration was and why he went in this direciton, I read so many articles and comments on people badmouthing this album. Gambino himself said it was experimental. Appreciate Gambino for his transition, sure, it may not be as perfect as others would hope but fuck- this was so good. Stop denying it.